Coach Outlet

Coach outlet positioning is not very clear, probably said to be second-line luxury goods, but has been able to hold most of the occasion. Relative to gucci, lv, with a few times the price to buy a public psychological level of luxury will undoubtedly make people think is very cost-effective trading. Vanity comparisons of the psychological world, from the food can not eat enough to consume luxury goods, the pursuit of luxury is from time to time, it is fresh and very strong consumption rise rising period. Coach this can be burdened and famous brand of course is very competitive.
Although many people think that Adhesion Coach is very ugly, but have to say that in the marketing and classic design of the above are commendable. There are factory shops and regular stores. The price of the shop coach is light, the discount is very small, and all the luxury brands, in order to maintain their own brand value refused to discount, it can be said that the coach’s main line, keep the brand status and visibility. So coach has been steadily among the ranks in the light of the light. But with a lot of big difference is the coach factory shop, and in the Thanksgiving Day when the discount hit the mother do not know. And this is the coach to promote and profit an important way. A marketing to keep the status of a marketing to win the profits. So that coach gives a psychological brand is very high price. So that buyers feel that the price of cheap to buy a value for money brand, who will be upset it Just think, if lv began to launch the price of the people’s marketing line, will not be mad rush it?
In the design, I am not professional, but there are feelings, coach’s big logo earthhard gold gray brown has always been hot, it is interesting that the first time that soil to dregs can not accept the color style carefully think about it is Carefully designed. More dark gold and brown can hold all the other colors! Close your eyes Imagine, as long as not too non-mainstream clothes with, whether bright or dark tone of the dress can be and this basic color with the up. That is a classic can be with your most of the clothes, buy a bag can always be back who would not like it. I think this is also a lot of big like to use these color reasons. A coach ten years twenty years is absolutely no problem. I think this is why coach of the classic models has been one of the reasons why the classic.

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